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  • 4.62 out of 5 (39 votes)
    Karateka (pc game)
  • Genre: Action, Oriental, Beat em up
  • Software house: Broderbund
  • Year: 1984
  • System: DOS
4 out of 5

A great fighting side scroller game

Karateka is one of the oldest fighter games that have plummeted Jordan Mechner, the father of the Prince of Persia series, into fame and fortune. You are Karateka, and as the name suggests, you are the master of martial arts, going from level to level beating up evil dudes into a pulp to get to the castle where the princess Mariko is captured in the clutches of the evil Akuma (demon in Japanese). The game has fantastic animation and exciting gameplay which is, while pretty repetitive, great and fun. What makes this game truly spectacular is the fantastic way the game incorporates music in the game, so you know exactly what the character is feeling just by what music is playing in the background. Not many games can achieve such a synchronization, and this game has worked it out. The game's graphics are not much, since this is a very old game, but the great and action filled gameplay and the amazing soundtrack easily make up for it. If you like martial arts oriented games like Battle Arena Toshinden, this is a game you will highly enjoy. Recommended!
3 out of 5

Save the girl

I used to play this game a long time ago. Thought it was fun and had a blast. You have to go through a few levels to try and save the girl,beat the kidnappers eagle, and finally beat the bad guy. This game rocks for a program developed in basic. I have been trying to find this game for quite some time. Thanks for having it here.

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