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Kathy Rain (pc game)
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The truth is out there

Kathy Rain is very much a standard modern point-and-click adventure that doesn't live up to the greats like Beneath a Steel Sky and Gabriel Knight, but which is still just about worth checking out if you're into the genre. The gameplay is traditional stuff but the game just about delivers in terms of story and setting and as that's one of the key factors with such games, this ranks as a decent offering. The narrative is set in the 1990s and finds you in control of Kathy Rain, a young journalism student investigating the death of her grandfather. Things start out innocently enough but she soon uncovers a mystery which is both dark and sinister and it falls to her to discover the truth behind why a small town's inhabitants are going mad and other strange events. Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's played a similar game before and you'll explore various locations, search for clues and items and solve inventory-based puzzles in order to uncover the truth behind the mystery. This is very much a solid piece of adventuring that isn't going to offer much in the way of surprises. The story does deliver the goods, thanks to the generally well-written script which features plenty of twists and turns and which creates a suitably eerie atmosphere. This is aided by the fine visual work which is detailed and attractive to look at, with some lovely environments. The puzzles are less satisfactory, lacking interest or originality in some cases, while the whole thing is very linear and won't last all that long, so perhaps this is only for die-hard genre fans.

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