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Kim (pc game)
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Journey back in time

Taking its inspiration from Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of colonial India, Kim is a cracking little RPG/interactive adventure that should appeal to players of things like 80 Days. It's got a wonderful art style, some well-written narrative and a few clever little mechanics that help to make it a very intriguing experience. You get to take the title role of Kipling's wonderful story, the little raggamuffin Kim, and you'll follow many of the events which made the book so memorable. You'll learn to live like an urchin, get caught up with spies in the secret service and much more besides. The game is presented as a 2D, topdown open-world adventure which sees you exploring the wonderfully stylish land, engaging in simple but very satisfying real-time combat or taking part in numerous choose-your-own-adventure-style conversations with the many colorful characters which inhabit the world. You have to keep track of Kim's happiness and health by picking up appropriate items and the whole thing is backed up by a very atmospheric soundtrack. For something a little unusual and very literary, Kim is an absolute must have. It sucks you in right from the start with its beautiful visuals and well-performed narration which brings Kipling's vision and hero to wonderful life. The gameplay is simple but very compelling, with a number of activities to perform and which are all implemented well. The RPG elements and the procedurally generated countryside add depth and variation to the game and help to make it an extremely enjoyable and original experience.

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