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King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame (pc game)
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A hero will rise

King Arthur is a bold but flawed attempt at reworking the legendary hero into a Total War-style RTS and although it suffers from some hefty bugs, it remains and engrossing and enjoyable experience. The game follows the familiar template set down by other similar games, and sees you in the role of Arthur as he attempts to take control of the land, seizing it back from the many and varied fantasy-style monsters which now roam the countryside. There are some pretty epic battles to fight, while there are also plenty of quests, RPG elements, resource management sections and other such features to add in some depth and variety. You'll have to think about things like diplomacy, politics, religion, taxes and other similar things and which really give the game the feeling of taking place in a living, breathing world. There's a real sense of character as well, with all the lords, heroes and other individuals you'll meet possessing their own individual personalities and which again gives the impression of a well planned environment. For the most part, this is engrossing stuff which you can easily lose yourself in. The combat is spectacular and truly tactical, requiring plenty of thought and consideration, with a real feeling of the epic too. The game is attractively presented, with some lovely environments, monsters and characters, while the sound is equally good. It's not an easy game, and you're going to have to work hard to win, but if you can handle this (and the bugs) you're in for a good time.