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Kings Bounty: Dark Side (pc game)
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Follow the dark path

The original King's Bounty is a simple but hugely entertaining little fantasy strategy romp that still holds up well today, more than twenty years after its release. The series has seen a recent resurgence with a new set of games which owe more to Heroes of Might and Magic than their predecessor but which also provide some decent fantasy fun. This offering, however, is something of a middling affair and although it's interesting for focusing on the game universe's dark side, it lacks anything to make it really special. Here, you get to choose from a rogue's gallery of evil characters, including an orc, a demoness and a vampire, and each of whom finds their homelands under threat from the forces of Light. Their stories intertwine as the game progresses, and which revolves around building a powerful army and a mighty weapon. Gameplay is a familiar mix of elements from previous games, with exploration, combat, army building and so on all featuring here. New elements include new units, locations, and quests, with the latter offering multiple ways to complete them. Dark Side isn't anything staggeringly original but if you're into your fantasy RPGs or enjoy the series, then there's much to keep you playing here. The story is an interesting one, and the opportunity to see things from the bad guys' perspective is a nice touch, while the core gameplay elements, although largely untouched, remain solid and well implemented. There are some nice visuals too but there's nothing truly spectacular about this, so it's perhaps one for the fans only.