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Kyn - Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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Viking-style fun

Kyn is the product of a team of two developers from the Netherlands and while it might not be the most original game in the world, it remains a fun experience for fans of action/RPGs. The world they have created is an interesting one, and sees players exploring a Viking-inspired land that is full of mythological and invented creatures to slay. The gameplay here is a mix of various classic experiences, with elements of exploration thrown in alongside tactical combat which offers plenty of strategic opportunities. You've got the usual party system, with up to six characters to manage, each of which can be outfitted and equipped with a wide range of gear and weapons, while there is also a deep loot and craft system which offers plenty of customization possibilities. Exploring reveals a world of various environmental types, each of which are filled with cunning enemies and puzzles to solve. Combat itself is challenging and enjoyable, requiring you to manipulate the environment in order to set traps, defend areas and build up special attacks, and which adds further depth to the game. Kyn really is quite the unexpected delight. It might not seem staggeringly unusual on the surface but once you start digging, you find how complex and varied it really is. The customization options are extensive and fun to play around with, while combat is a lot of fun and will keep you hooked. The world itself is well created and quite spectacular to explore so if you like action RPGs such as Mount & Blade or Gothic, then take a look here.

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