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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (pc game)
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Tomb raiding has never been so much fun

Lara Croft's superb Tomb Raider adventures have been entertaining gamers for many years now and with her recent resurgence in popularity, it's no surprise to see some spin-offs from the main series appearing. This is the follow-up to the similarly themed Guardian of Light and makes for an equally entertaining romp. In story terms, this is familiar stuff for Lara, finding here heading off to Egypt to team up with rival treasure hunter, Carter Bell, and where they have to work together to defeat the evil god Set. The main focus here is on the multi-player cooperative campaign which sees you playing through a classic style Tomb Raider experience but which is viewed from a different perspective than usual. If playing with a friend, you need to work together in order to defeat the many traps and enemies which bar your progress. As you would expect from the series, there are multiple weapons to find and make use of, along with nine tombs each of which introduces new gameplay mechanics. You've also got challenge tombs and wave-based levels just to round out the package. Temple of Osiris's best feature is the cooperative nature of its gameplay and it's immensely satisfying stuff to play thhis through with a friend, as you really do need to work together to succeed. It also nails that classic Tomb Raider atmosphere and feels like a proper adventure for Lara despite the smaller scale. The story is enjoyable stuff while the visuals are quite splendid too, so for any serious Lara fan, this is a must play.