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Level22 Gary's Misadventures (pc game)
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Let's go to work!

Like a combination of Metal Gear Solid, Stealth Inc. and Minecraft, Level22 is a fun little stealth game that is set in the seemingly mundane world of work. It manages to transcend this sense of the ordinary though and turns out to be an enjoyable alternative to the usual po-faced stealth games that litter the market. The idea here is that you are Gary, an employee in a large office building who has once again got drunk while out on the town and who is now late for work. This isn't the first time this has happened so if he can't make it in on time, he's sure to get fired. So, in order to ensure this doesn't happen, it's your job to help Gary sneak his way through the 22 floors which lie between him and his job and make it to his desk before anyone realizes he's late. What follows is a standard sneak 'em up where you must use your inventiveness to get past fellow workers while using cardboard boxes, the vent system, and other little tricks in order to get to work. Level22 doesn't really add much to the stealth genre but what it does is give it a slight boot up the rear end by giving us a scenario which is a far cry from most similar games. The stealth mechanics are implemented well generally and there's a nice range of options for tackling the many routes, with several humorous solutions to your problems, including delivering laxatives to your colleagues to get rid of them. The visuals are quite charming and add much to the appeal so although this isn't staggeringly original, it's got enough personality to make it worth a look.