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Life is Strange - Episode 1 (pc game)
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Fiction is stranger than truth

Followers of Telltale's adventures like the Walking Dead and Back to the Future would be well advised to take a look at this intriguing episodic series which kicks off in fine form here. This series is a little different to the usual fantasy and horror-themed games you get in this genre but it's well made and packs a lot of emotional punch, making it a great choice for fans of interactive drama. The narrative is the key concept with the series, and this first episode serves to set up the characters and situations, placing the player in the role of a young student with aspirations of being a photographer. To reveal too much of the plot is to spoil much of the appeal, but while things might seem to be a bit mundane to start with, they certainly pick up quickly enough and things take plenty of surprising turns. The core gameplay is fairly minimal, and focuses on exploring environments and interacting with the many characters who inhabit this world while making some pretty tough decisions which affect how the plot unfolds. You've also got a handy Prince of Persia-style ability to rewind time, while there are also a few minor puzzles to solve along the way. Life is Strange starts out well with this episode, proving itself to be a deep, satisfying adventure that lets you into a well-constructed world with plenty of secrets and surprises. This episode might be seen as a slow-burner but it's still compelling enough to keep you playing to the end and sets things up nicely for the continuation of the series. A great start and a perfect choice for drama fans.