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Mafia 3 (pc game)
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Take back the city tonight

The third offering in the Mafia series, this is another fairly by-the-numbers open-world adventure that does little to break out of the confines of the genre. It's not a bad game, and indeed it shines in its narrative, but elsewhere it's just terribly pedestrian, following the usual mix of action, missions and free-roaming. This one is set in the 1960s and features a Vietnam veteran as the main character and who finds himself caught up in a complex tale of retribution as he gets double-crossed by the Mob and left for dead. What follows is a pretty predictable mixture of gameplay styles, as you explore the vast city of New Bordeaux, which takes heavy inspiration from New Orleans, while picking up missions, beating up bad guys, shooting them or sneaking up on them, while extending your control of the city and avoiding the cops. There's all the other usual elements to discover, like a range of weapons, collectibles and vehicles, so the whole thing does really feel like another Grand Theft Auto clone, and it's here that the game's biggest fault lies. On the one hand, you have a well-crafted narrative that is genuinely well-written and compelling, and which explores some interesting themes. However, on the other hand you have the same old tired gameplay elements which plagued things like Watch Dogs and which make you feel like you're playing just another adventure game. The visuals are serviceable enough but are a tad lacking in polish, and overall this is a decent enough title, just not one that's very spectacular.

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