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Magic: the Gathering Online (pc game)
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Online magic for both newbies and experienced gamers

Magic: The Gathering Online is a 2002 cards simulation/strategy game where you can get involved in an online community. The modes are League, Duel, Draft (you can play at tournaments or in an informal manner), Sealed and Multiplayer. You can buy cards, form 60-card decks, with which you can defeat your enemies, and trade cards with them. The convenient and enjoyable aspect for newbies is the sure and easy system of solving the duels. These duels consist of using various types of cards (creatures, spells, artefacts), in order to find a strategy to take down and attack your opponents by decreasing their life level to 0. MTG Online offers an authentic feeling between the players that is very similar to the duels from real life, so this one of the realistic aspects that defines the experience. The game's sections are named Training Room, Hall of Champions, Trading Post, Casual Play and the competitions are called Leagues, Clans (where you can organize your own magical clan), Premier Events. You will love the beautiful, artistic design and visual effects, along with the interesting strategies, the coherent gameplay and infinite complexity. Play this game if you want to experience some online magic and gain virtual money! Magic: The Gathering Online is for both newbies and experienced gamers!

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