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The Majesty series of real time strategy games are a bit like Age of Empires but dressed up in fantasy clothing, while also offering a few interesting additions to the genre and taking control of your units away from you. There's nothing staggeringly amazing to the games, but they're enjoyable enough in their own right and make for an entertaining time. The Northern Expansion is an add-on pack for the base game and it also offers a good amount of content so if you are a fan, then this is a good way to extend the lifespan of the original. The extra content here includes the likes of new maps, new quests, buildings, monsters, spells and so on, and there's a good variety in terms of maps and quests, and which are very challenging even for veterans. The maps require offer some interesting tactical possibilities, but the new units are a little disappointing as they're not all that different from those in the base game. The new buildings are a bit more impressive and actually add some much appreciated variety and more tactical options. On the whole, this is a pretty fine example of how to do an add on pack. There's enough stuff that's different to make it worthwhile, and thanks to the challenge level (which might even be too high), it should all keep you going for some time. There are still problems with the dodgy AI, as much of the time, your units will do things you don't want them to, but this is the only real issue of note, and thanks to the decent visuals and solid interface, this remains an enjoyable game.
Majesty: The Northern Expansion (pc game)
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  • Playing skirmish mode
  • And what are the types?
  • Seriously? Lengendary strategy?
  • Building up base
  • Now we need some troops
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