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McPixel (pc game)
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McPixel to the rescue!

The original McPixel was a short but very clever and enjoyable little browser game first designed as part of a competition. It only featured six levels but was popular enough to spawn this expanded remake which contains the original six levels but adds to them and now features over 100. The essential idea remains intact and you'll play through a series of lightning quick challenges which require you to save your pixel hero from a range of deadly situations. Each level can typically be completed in around twenty seconds and they generally require you to click on various parts of the scenery to find inventive ways to save your little guy. The whole thing revolves around slapstick violent humor but is done in a way that isn't gratuitous and is instead actually quite amusing. You're encouraged to experiment as clicking on different areas produces different results and if you uncover every secret gag, a bonus ending is your reward. This version expands the story into several chapters, broken down into smaller parts, although you can also just play on endless mode too. McPixel is such a quirky and enjoyable little title that it is thoroughly deserving of your time. It's simple stuff and isn't going to take anyone that long to complete but there is a genuine sense of joy and exploration about the whole thing that you can't help but like it. The retro pixel visuals are a nice touch too while there's enough levels and secrets to discover that you will stick with it to the end. Perhaps not a game for everyone, but if you like them oddball, this is for you.

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