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Robots in disguise

While it might not be quite as well known as the MechWarrior or Battletech franchises, Metaltech is a pretty decent set of giant robot-themed action games which forms an extensive series that also includes the Tribes titles. The original Metaltech laid down the foundations for much of what was to follow in the series, offering much the same kind of action as MechWarrior, throwing players into the confined cockpit of a clanking suit of armour bristling with hi-tech weaponry and charging them with completing an extensive set of missions. This expansion pack for the original is pretty much a must play for fans, but if you haven't any experience of the series, then head back to the start before you check this out. If you are familiar with the previous game though, this will be a nice little return to form offering as it does three entirely new campaigns to get your teeth into, and which take place across a variety of new terrain types and which open up the universe even more. There's also a new mech to jump into, the heavily armoured beast that is the Apocalypse, along with some nice new weapons which are both varied and satisfying to use. Given that the game uses its predecessor's interface and controls, veterans will be right at home here and will soon be clanking around and destroying things with relative ease. Visuals too remain pretty decent, with nicely detailed environments and decent cutscenes to enjoy, but the problem here is that is all feels too familiar, offering little that MechWarrior doesn't do better and with more style. If you are after another similar game, this should scratch the itch, but otherwise, stick with the classic.
Metaltech: Earthsiege - Expansion Pack (pc game)
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