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Might and Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer (pc game)
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You will truly love it

Might and Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer is a 2000 role-playing game, that brings a new territory that waits to be explored and rescued from the Destroyer. This game belongs to the successful Might and Magic series, being completely different from the previous game. The options allow to choose from various and numerous races and classes, each with their own skills and particularities. There are also added new spells and quests. Play this game to embark your adventurers in an unforgettable experience, all this with the purpose of salvation. Beside choosing your heroes, you will be able to recruit. You will gradually unlock new spells depending on your progress. You will find out that some quests can't be completed if some of your heroes or characters are missing. So, each race plays its important role in the game. The developers didn't make major changes related to the graphics and sounds area, because they are pretty the same. Also, they remained devoted to the general style and interface of the previous Might and Magic games. There are some glitches when it comes to the camera view and orientation. I say this because in some tense and important moments, the view of some certain areas or objects are limited, and this is quite annoying, affecting the general charm of this game. Well, despite some mistakes or insufficiencies, this game is remarkable, and you will truly love it!

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