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Might and Magic Heroes VII - Trial By Fire (pc game)
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The Might and Magic series is another one of those fantasy franchises which has seen its fair share of ups and downs but has generally been a fine set of games and which deserves a place alongside Baldur's Gate and King's Bounty. Trial By Fire is an expansion pack for the most recent offering, Heroes VII, and if you're a fan of that one, then this is a must play. The main focus here is on two brand new campaigns and which are based around Emperor Ivan and his battles against the dwarves, and with the second seeing things from the other side, as the focus shifts to the leader of the dwarves and her efforts to save her people from war and disaster. Alongside the campaigns, you've also got new artifacts, abilities, and achievements to unlock and discover. The gameplay remains effectively the same as the base game, this being a mix of exploration, combat, customization and all the other usual elements of the franchise. So, although there's nothing much new in terms of gameplay mechanics, what is on offer is still of a very high standard and as a way to prolong the base game's lifespan, this is a great bet. The two campaigns are of about the right length, with plenty to get your teeth into and with a good level of challenge. Storywise, they're both pretty gripping, opening up the world nicely and shedding light on some fascinating events. The visuals and gameplay and both as good as ever, while the addition of the new artefacts and other elements rounds out what is a very good package.

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