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Might & Magic Heroes Online (pc game)
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Any fan of the classic series of fantasy RPGs that is Might & Magic is surely going to be tempted by the possibility of playing an online version of their favorite experience but while this offering promises much, it's let down by the sheer volume of money-grubbing attempts on the part of the developers. As such, it's a tough one to recommend to anyone but the most deep-pocketed of gamers. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Ashan and offers pretty much everything you would expect from an MMORPG, with guilds to join, characters to create, quests to go on, loot to find, and of course battles to win. There are loads of fantasy creatures to fight, and you'll need to build up your own personal army to take them on in the turn-based combats that occur within. You can play solo or with a chum, while there are also powerful artifacts to discover and large group raids to take part in as part of a massive community. So, while none of this sounds overly original, it does at least suggest it could have been a fun excursion into the Might & Magic world. It's not. The biggest problem, and it's a huge one that is tough to get over, is that although this is a free game to play, technically, it's almost impossible to progress without dropping stackloads of real cash. Right from the start, you're pestered to fork out for items, weapons, portraits and so on, and you'll just feel overwhelmed before you've even done anything. It's not so much pay to win, as pay to play. Even putting this aside, the game's still not that great, with weak visuals and lots of bugs, so this is easily skipped.