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Mousecraft? (pc game)
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Save the cats!

If you've ever been curious as to what a combination of classic puzzlers Lemmings and Tetris might look like, then you need look no further that Mousecraft. It's a delightfully cheery and clever little game that is packed with inventive level design and which provides plenty of entertainment. The main goal of the game is to help your little mice reach the end of each hazard-strewn level and this is achieved by the use of tetrominos (hence the combination of the two aforementioned titles). There's a wonderfully charming little tale to go with it all, and which involves a crazy cat scientist who is trying to unlock the power of a mouse-powered machine and which makes for a nice backdrop to the meat of the game. The many levels all feature numerous obstacles to be overcome with cunning placement of blocks, with several types available, including various shaped ones and explosive, crumbling and even jelly one. There's also a rather cool level designer to play around with, which is actually pretty easy to use and which adds a lot of appeal to the package. Mousecraft might not be for truly hardcore puzzle fans, but if you're simply looking for an entertaining way to unwind, then this is perfect. The difficulty level is pitched just right, and gets progressively more challenging but without ever getting frustrating or feeling inaccessible. The story is fun too, while the visuals suit the mood perfectly, with some great characters and environments. It's the level design that really shines though, so overall, this is well worth a look.

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