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Mr. Bree+ (pc game)
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A tough nut to crack

Mr Bree is an old-school-style platformer with modern sensibilities that is like a combination of Manic Miner and Super Meat Boy. It's a lot slower paced than many platformers, and is brutally tough, despite its cutesy look, but it doesn't manage to create a truly memorable experience and feels difficult just for the sake of it, with little in the way of fun to be found. The story follows the adventures of Mr Bree, a pig who was captured and forced to work as a slave before running away to freedom. The trauma of his experience caused him to forget his family, his home and even the ability to perform simple movements like jumping. All these elements translate into the gameplay, as your quest sees you exploring the various levels in search of the way home, while you must re-learn basic actions such as jumping as you go. Most of what follows is familiar stuff, as you navigate the many platforms making up the variously themed levels, avoiding enemies and collecting bits and bobs. However, the pace is much slower than many gamers are used to, which takes a little time to get used to, while learning skills like jumping is also an odd mechanic. The game is fiendishly difficult too, requiring pitch perfect timing and platforming skills which are likely to drive many gamers to frustration. Things aren't helped by the attractive but overly busy visuals which confuse you regarding what is foreground and background detail, although the controls are slick enough. Overall though, there just isn't enough fun to be had here for the average gamer, so unless you like whacking your head against brick walls, steer well clear.