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Myst (Masterpiece Edition) (pc game)
3 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Somwhere in space
  • Stunning fantasy worlds to explore
  • Various puzzles throughout the game
  • Cover to the popular game
  • Using a lever on apuzzle
  • A boat floating in a water fountain
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A welcome upgrade

Myst Masterpiece Edition is a remake of the 1993 release of Myst developed by Cyan. The Masterpiece Edition is nothing more than an updated version of the earlier game and a great improvment indeed. While the story has not been upgraded and neither are extras thrown in, the revamped version of the features better gameplay, more beautiful graphics, improved cinematics and a re-mastered soundtrack and sound effects. While for other games, these improvemens, minus the gameplay, are completely pointless, here these are essential for the whole game depends on them. An example of an enhancement in the Masterpiece Edition is that the images are now rendered in 24-bit truecolor comparing to the 8-bit color of the original Myst. Maybe for some this isn't a relavant upgrade, but if you compare screenshots of the same locations of the two versions, you will see the difference and relevance. All in all, if you want a better experience, Myst Masterpiece Edition is the version you should need to play.