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Nights into dreams (pc game)
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I'm dreaming...

Although lesser known than some of Sega's other hits like Sonic, Nights is a bona fide classic which deserves a wider audience than its cult reputation offers it. It's a bizarre title and perhaps not one for everybody but if you like your games quirky and brimming with originality, consider picking this up along with ToeJam and Earl. Originally released on the Saturn, Nights tells a rather bizarre tale revolving around two children, Nights, a kind of trickster, and which sees Nights imprisoned by his master but who has a chance to escape by using the minds of the two children to venture through a bizarre dreamworld. What follows is a sort of 3D platformer where you control Nights and the children as they explore a series of strange lands, flying around, doing all sorts of bonkers platforming stuff. This version is a direct port of the Saturn version but also includes some extras in the form of levels from the Christmas version of the game as well as a couple of graphics modes and a few other bits and bobs. Nights might be a little too bonkers for some but if you're willing to give it a go, you'll find a classic platformer which still holds up well today. The story is fairly impenetrable but carries you along with its madness but it's the gameplay which really shines, given the sheer amount of joy there is to be found navigating its depths. It also looks lovely, with some wonderful level design which packs a lot of personality and although it's a little short, while it lasts, this is cracking stuff.