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OmniBus (pc game)
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You're a bus!

Taking itself far from seriously, Omnibus is a wonderfully silly romp that wallows in its own old-school nature and provides players with heaps of physics-based nonsense. It's not a game to last forever but its sheer novelty value means you'll be playing for some time and while you do, you're guaranteed to have a blast. The game offers a complex and deep narrative setup which is sure to hook players from the start: you're a bus. And as a bus, it's up to you to embark on a number of dangerous missions to save blah blah blah. Basically, you are a bus and you'll get to slay demon buses, transport astronauts to weddings, harvest space corn and all sorts of other madcap misadventures, all in your attempt to become the best bus ever. You have several modes here, including the mission section, the multiplayer derby where you race against other buses, and the free play trick mode where you get to drive around pulling stunts like there's no tomorrow. However you play, you'll find a deliciously silly experience where you essentially get to drive around in a bus while breaking the laws of physics and having a great time doing it. Omnibus knows it's silly but doesn't care and it's this lack of pretension which is very refreshing. While some of the ideas here aren't entirely new there's something utterly charming about driving a bus around and causing havoc in the ways presented here. The visuals are decidedly low-fi but again this is part of the appeal so if you want a cracking sandbox experience that offers hours of fun, this is for you.

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