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Oxenfree is dripping in atmosphere and boasts some strikingly simple visuals but unless you really don't mind an almost complete absence of actual gameplay, then you'd probably best steer clear of it. It's billed as a blend of eighties teen horror flicks and adventure games but it veers a bit too much on the teen drama side of things to be truly effective while also offering almost nothing in the way of actual choice. The game takes that classic horror setup of a bunch of teens who unwittingly open up a portal to another realm which allows ghosts and other such nasties to come through and start wreaking havoc. The game is set on an old military island and finds you in control of Alex, a rebellious teen who must explore the island, uncover the secrets to its mysterious past, solve the ghost problem and save her friends. What follows is side-on adventure which sees you venturing through a series of creepy environments with most of the gameplay revolving around the conversation-based choice system. However, apart from this, there's very little to actually do in terms of interaction which is not going to go down well with many gamers. The story itself is interesting and well told while the visuals are certainly striking and make good use of design and special effects to create a suitably creepy atmosphere. However, the lack of real gameplay is a killer while there's no freedom to explore and the conversations are pretty shallow for much of the time. It's a shame really as there's good idea here, it's just not been executed to its full potential.
Oxenfree (pc game)
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