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Panthers in the Shadows (pc game)
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  • HPS Simulations
  • Initial menu
  • Force selection
  • Image logo game
  • Loading in unit symbols
  • Save this setup
  • Germany army
  • Map game
  • Panthers in the Shadows pc game
  • Select objective
  • Move orders company
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Hex board
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Very accurate simulation of tactical combat wargame

If you're a wargamer, indifferent of your preference of setting, depth of the simulated conflict, reason you play, love for historical recreation or for history rewriting, Panthers in the Shadows offers you a blend that is sure to satisfy. The game doesn't however try to make the mistake of trying to please everyone, by having a gameplay blend that is not focused on no element and just a combination of elements that will just leave you unsatisfied. Nope, Panthers in the Shadows does a great job at being specific, and its specificity has to do with its desire to go as in depth as possible in regard to its tactical displacement of forces on the medium height map. Thus, the game, along with The Tigers in the shadow creates a very complex but ultimately very easy to get game. Yes, each of your units is valuable and the kind of tension filled reprises that are possible are always exciting. Also, the level of detail is phenomenal, but unnecessary complexity is mitigated by keeping it all contained by your choices. Thus, you don't have to worry about each and every simulated element, you can simply go deeper as you see if, if you think it can offer you an advantage. Graphically the 2D game is more than sufficiently adapted, even for modern tastes. Try it out, together with Carriers at War II for instance, for a more action oriented game to have as a refuge!