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Pharaoh's Tomb (pc game)
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  • Story info
  • Help screen
  • Grab the gold
  • Now head for the door
  • Bonus!
  • Watch out for the spikes
  • Shoot the bird
  • Getting tricky
  • Watch out for the native
  • Grab the key
  • Now head back to the door
  • Watch out for blow pipes
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • What's going on here?
  • Game title screen
  • More spikes
  • This shouldn't be too hard
  • The pyramid is smaller than I've expected
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Pharaoh's Tomb is included in this package:

Beautifully minimalist platformer

What do you need, so to have a perfectly competent and playable platformer? Well, a couple of brick to use to contour the land, maybe a few enemies but that is just not necessary and an interesting protagonist, moving about, maybe looking for a key or an exit! All of these check for Pharaoh's Tomb, as minimalist graphically but as adept as any other platformer could be. So, overall, if you're not looking for a glittery platformer, this one will surely do. Because simplicity is always better than glitter that wants to sell you a lesser product. Because, as minimalist and apparently uninteresting Pharaoh's Tomb is, it actually is very fun to play. Yes, you kind of know that there won't be any massive surprises on the way, but the game sure delivers well its classic recipe. See, the entire series, as all games are pretty similar, all are sidescroller platformers that offer very interesting experiences. Oh, and the game is a great experiment in level design, if you're interested in that, its simplicity is very evocative!