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Princess Maker 2 (pc game)
4.44 out of 5 (163 votes)
  • Genre: Rpg, Oriental
  • System: DOS
  • Software house: Gainax
  • Year:
  • Game introduction screen
  • Choose your daughter's birthday
  • Introduction story 1
  • Introduction story 2
  • Introduction story 3
  • Introduction story 4
  • Introduction story 5 - your daughter
  • She's healthy and happy!
  • First month schedule
  • She's having class today
  • Give her good food
  • Time for a cake now
  • Some outdoor activity?
  • Second month schedule
  • She's out for some adventure
  • Oh no! a kidnapper!
  • Results of 9 days of school
  • It's good to give here some little work to do
  • Main menu screen
  • It's my duty to look after you

Anime life simulation game with a touch of gaudiness

The object of this game, which plays like an RPG at times, but also has hints of adventure and puzzle solving, is to raise a girl, hopefully to become the princess she was always meant to be, but, funnily enough, you could also choose her way in life to have a difficult destiny. Now, each decision you make, which in terms of mechanics feels like playing an adventure, sort of text based game will see your princess towards these alternating destinies. The hook of the game is the freedom to choose how your character evolves, see how your decisions impact her life and turn her from a nice little girl to the full grown young adult you lead her to be. Of course the game is cartoonish and goofy most times. As many other games of the genre, you will be faced with decision s that will be polarized: some decisions will be good for the character's future, while others will be bad. Thus, there is a lot of replay value in this game, especially if you want to unlock more than one final. If you enjoy any of the Sim games, this will be the Japanese alternative, so make sure you know the genre before. For RPG life simulation players of the genre this game can be very addictive.

Several ending possibilities

In this game, you are a war hero who raises a girl to the age of 18. At the end of the game, your daughter goes into a line of work: what this work is, how much talent she has for it, her marital life, and her overall happiness all depend on your actions.