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Resolution 101 (pc game)
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Using crims to take out crims

If you fancy a trip into a dark future where criminals are not just a drain on society but which have been turned into a useful resource, then Resolution 101 should be high on your list of retro games to fire up. The bold setting for the game is the 21st century where the titular resolution has been passed and which allows for criminals to be released from prison in return for hunting down escaped felons or taking out mob bosses. The player controls one such released crim and gets to run around town in a hi-tech skimmer armed with a machine gun (perhaps not a great move but it works in a video game), tracking down bad guys and picking up bounties. Each mission has a set of specific targets and then the game begins properly, with the player scouting around town, tracking down their target. Taking out the bad guys provides cash and drugs to collect (you can keep the former but the latter acts as evidence against the perps), with the cash being spent on weapons, upgrades and repairs for your skimmer. The game plays out in 3D first person fashion and while the graphics are quite simple, lacking details and consisting largely of blocks, they aren't bad considering the game's age, although they might be considered a tad cheerful. Sound is entirely forgettable, with just a few period-typical bleeps and blops but they aren't too intrusive or headache inducing, so they can be forgiven. Gameplay is equally straightforward but proves quite compelling and for an old-school 3D shooter, this proves to be quite an enjoyable little excursion into the future. Check out the classic Castle Master for an even more impressive early 3D adventure.