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Retroism Classic Explorer Pack (pc game)
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  • Gathering intel
  • Still at war
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Here's your fleet... you can sell the cargo and get a lot of money!
  • As a charming pirate, you will receive the attention of noble ladies...
  • Great! you've captured one! get everything onboard!
  • I fancy the beach
  • It's quite interesting over there
  • Breaking out of captivity
  • Overview of your first colony
  • Attacking an enemy (and stealing his sail!)
  • Taken captive
  • Decoding a message
  • Paying the price to look for independence!
  • Approaching the boat
  • That's the map of the Carribean
  • A battle in the forest
  • Story scene
  • I was looking forward to some bugging
  • Never trust a man with orange hair
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