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Retroism Classic Explorer Pack (pc game)
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  • Tailing a suspect
  • Information on the city of Caracas
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • A pirate sail... they may carry gold...
  • Never trust a man with orange hair
  • Buy items for your next travel
  • Here you are, the introduction of your history
  • Starting the long travel to new lands
  • A cannon battle with a Dutch frigate
  • Menu selection: which era do you choose?
  • Pick up new colonists in Seville
  • Say hello to the British
  • Close for battle!
  • Cortes joining the Congress!
  • Too bad, they've captured you!
  • Approaching a city
  • Attacking a city
  • Sailing
  • Figthing the enemy captain
  • Game introduction
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