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Risen 2: Dark Waters (pc game)
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Pirates are always fun

The first Risen was a pretty impressive action RPG similar to the likes of Gothic and this followup betters the original, while the concluding part, Risen 3, is even more interesting. The games take place in a very cool pirate-style fantasy world and offer an enjoyable mix of exploration, action and RPG elements so if you haven't played the first one, head back there and then continue with this one. The story carries on from the original and finds our unnamed hero now part of the Inquisition and involved in a quest straight out of Clash of the Titans, involving mighty beasts of the gods, secret treasures and so on. In gameplay terms, the game is split up into several large islands that are to be explored as the story progresses. As usual in this kind of thing, there's plenty of exploration, questing and monster slaying to be done, with the quests in particular affecting the outcome of the story. One interesting aspect is the introduction of verbal skills to your repertoire, in addition tho the usual range of weapon-oriented ones. These open up new conversation options, while the magic system is now based around voodoo, with mind-controlling spells very common. Combat includes both ranged and melee, with an impressive set of muskets, swords and so on to equip, while you also sometimes get help from NPCs. Risen 2 is an awful lot of fun. Its pirate-themed world is wonderfully imaginative and a riot to explore, with plenty of cool characters and mysterious locations to explore, all of which are represented with impressive style. Action too is slick and intense, while the RPG elements are integrated nicely. Overall, a top game.

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