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Ronin: Digital Special Edition Upgrade (pc game)
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Leap from the shadows

Ronin is a cracking bit of turn-based action platforming that is well worth checking out. It's a bit short, clocking in at around five hours, but while it lasts it's a lot of fun and proves to a highly entertaining romp. This Digital Special Edition Upgrade isn't actually a game in itself and is an add-on for the base game but it doesn't bring a lot to the table in terms of extra content, although it is interesting if you are a fan. Let's talk about the base game first though as it might whet your whistle for the upgrade. Ronin is a stealth action romp, a bit like A Game of Clones but which plays out in turn-based fashion and which adds much to the appeal. The story is rather light and revolves around a heroine who's out for revenge and which entails taking out five mob bosses in super sneaky fashion. You make your way through a handful of very stylish, 60s spy movie-style locations, stealthing your way around or leaping from the shadows to take out the various henchmen who are just waiting to feel your blade. The turn-based element is interesting as it allows you to plan your moves, but it also happens very quickly so it feels almost real time and is thus a lot of fun. This upgrade provides you with a digital comic that reveals more of the back story to the game and which actually does a good job of fleshing out the bare bones plot. The visuals in the comic are as slick as the main game and the style is very eye-catching. You also get the soundtrack and this too is pretty cool with some nicely atmospheric tunes that work outside the context of the game. This is certainly not a must buy as there's no real extra content here but if you want to know more about Ronin, this is worth shelling out for.