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Railroad Tycoon 2: The Second Century (pc game)
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  • Building a single trail track from the town
  • Train railroads to the industrial area
  • Building a railway between Portland and Seattle

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A nice high-quality expansion pack to a great sequel

Railroad Tycoon 2: The Second Century is the expansion pack of the second complex and intense game of the series. This expansion pack comes with new locomotives, engines, scenarios, options, with the metro operation and many more fun and interesting features. Although the idea remained original, and the same, (you have to build a profitable railroad business), Railroad Tycoon 2 differentiates from the first game with many appealing improvements, like a more wonderful imagery, 3D graphics, a better gameplay and a much more practical and visually attractive interface. It's an ideal experience for those that want to take out their inner entrepreneur, when it comes to managing their own railroad business. The fun, innovation and excellence are maintained by the insanely textured and detailed graphics, present in every landscape and aspect of the environment (water, sand, locomotives, oil stops). The tunes and sounds are suitable for the type of the gameplay and business you are involving in, being represented by blues and bluegrass songs. If you are eager to play a nice and high-quality simulation game, then Railroad Tycoon 2, along with its expansion pack are the best choice!

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