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Sega Bass Fishing (pc game)
4.53 out of 5 (89 votes)
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  • Image related to SEGA Bass Fishing game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to SEGA Bass Fishing game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to SEGA Bass Fishing game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to SEGA Bass Fishing game sale. Credit: Steam.

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A fishing arcade with very good graphics

You may have fond memories of this game from back in the day, if your local arcade featured this SEGA product. Or maybe you remember it if you played games released on the Wii or other current gen (Xbox 360, PSN) consoles. The fact is, while very narrowly dedicated to fishing, the game captures the experience in its arcade like manner quite well. You pick your avatar, jump in a boat and then are tasked with launching your rod, while previously having to pick your bait. The animations and the water look really cool and the game has a slew of different fish species, each one requiring their different type of tactics to be caught. The game is best played with a controller, even more so with a controller that has some form of feedback or at least vibrations. The game is not necessarily relaxing, but quite relentless, and the fishes will put on a fight, requiring attention and patience to get them in your boat. But, ultimately, the restricted gameplay will begin to bore you quite soon, and if you're into real fishing it won't really teach you much about the sport. Give it a try if you really can't swing your rod in a near-by pond or stream, for real!

Nice fishing game, bass simulation

Sega Bass Fishing is a Simulation Fishing Game published first in 1997. The point of this game is only to go fishing. There a various of lures and baits you can choose. The usage of the lures depends on what fish you're going to catch, wether it's big fish or small fish or super big fish. You can choose place or location to catch the fish, there are even secret places you can go in this game. The fish are also varies depend on the depth of the water, location and the weather. This game needs a lot of patience. If you are a beginner, waiting for the fish to be hooked will be quite annoying, but if you know the trick you can catch the fish easily. You have to control your line carefully when a fish got hooked. Always pay your attention to the line tension and the fish direction carefully, or you'll break the line or your fish will be lost. The game's graphics are nice and almost reallistic. The musics are nice, too. This game is worth to try for those whole love fishing or those who wants to know how it feel doing fishing.

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