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Sneak 'em up

Fans of stealth 'em ups like Metal Gear and Assassin's Creed would be well advised to check out this interesting addition to the genre. It's got some nicely moody and slick visuals, an intriguing storyline and most importantly, plenty of tension and excitement in the sneaking action. The game takes place in a well-realized fantasy/medieval-style world where an assassin is sent on a mission to kill the king. However, when she has a chance meeting with an orphan girl, the assassin, Shadwen, finds herself with a new follower, as the little girl gets caught up in her grim mission. This mechanic adds an interesting element to the stealth gameplay, as it forces you to think about how you approach a given section. You have the choice to kill or remain unseen, but the question is really about whether you want to expose the girl to the harsh realities of your profession or to let her keep her illusions about the world. The world is effectively open and you're free to explore at will, using the environment to get around as well as your rope and your ability to set traps for unwary guards. If you're looking for a pure stealth game then this is a very fine choice. Although much of the gameplay is fairly standard sneaking stuff, there's a lot of well thought out puzzle-style elements added in which give it a great sense of depth. The addition of the young girl also elevates things as you now have a real reason to think about your actions. Throw in the stylish visuals and you have a solid adventure.
Shadwen (pc game)
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