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It's the end of the world as we know it...

Sheltered is another one of those games which promises so much from its premise but which just doesn't quite come together well enough to make it a must play. It still offers some amusement for the disaster management sim fan but unless you're really into such things, you're probably better off looking elsewhere. The game takes that classic premise of the apocalypse which leaves much of the world's population scavenging around in the darkness for whatever they can find. You're thrust into the role of a father whose number one priority is his family and you'll do anything to protect your loved ones. You can expect to face all the usual apocalyptic problems, like radiation clouds, the need for shelter and food, and the possibility of hostile encounters with other survivors. Your first job is to build up a safe haven for you and your family, which can be extensively customized, but then you'll have to venture out into the wilderness, and it's here that you'll see the RPG mechanics, as your group members evolve, you find items to craft, and engage in turn-based combat. Sheltered certainly isn't a bad game but it does overdo things on the micromanagement front which does kill the entertainment value a bit. It scores some points in the visuals which are striking in their simplicity and do a good job of bringing the end of the world to life while there are also some clever mechanics at play and a good level of variety. However, at the end of the day, it just feels too much like a chore to be truly enjoyable.
Sheltered (pc game)
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