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Sherlock Holmes fans should be in for a rollicking good time with this fourth adventure in Frogwares' modern series starring legendary detective. However, following on from the excellent The Awakened, this actually proves to be a fairly tedious and uninteresting adventure that is easily skipped. The setup here involves the famous French thief, Arsene Lupin, arriving in London to steal five valuable objects in five days, but of course Holmes isn't going to stand for such an insult to his nation's pride, so it falls to him to catch the thief before his get away with his dastardly plan. As with other similar titles, this is effectively a puzzle/adventure game, where you will explore numerous locations dotted around London while searching for clues to Lupin's targets, chatting to locals to gain more info and solving the many puzzles which stand between you and success. All the information you collect is rather handily collected in your journal so you can refer back to the clues you've collected while you can also switch between first and third-person perspectives which comes in useful when investigating a location. Nemesis could have been a great addition to the series but ultimately it proves to be a disappointment. The story isn't overly interesting and fails to capitalize on the possibilities of Holmes or Lupin, rendering it a bit of a chore to wade through. Worse, the puzzles and narrative are poorly integrated so the whole thing feels very disconnected and when you add in the average voice acting, you're left with a less than special entry in the series.