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Shogun: Total War 2 (pc game)
4 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Highly detailed massive war scenes
  • An overview of your cities and lands
  • A close up of your battle units
  • The city is under siege!
  • Crushing the enemy soldiers with your horses
  • Defending the city walls

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Let's go to war

The original Shogun is a fine piece of historical strategy gaming that provides lots of detailed and tactically challenging gameplay. This sequel lives up to its predecessor's legacy and once again gives history buffs a fascinating insight into a strange world while challenging them to be the best military leader they can. The game is set in feudal Japan and gives players the choice of one of nine clans, with the overall goal of achieving supremacy over the country. The overall goal is to conquer Tokyo which is achieved by controlling provinces and with the game split into two main sections. You've got a turn-based strategy map where you manage your provinces by training troops, researching skills, maintaining relationships with other clans and so on. Then you have the real-time combat section where you get to engage with the enemy in complex battles where you must make careful use of your various units in straight-up fights as well as sieges and sea battles. Shogun really is a cracking slice of strategy wargaming that should be in any serious fan's collection. It nails the period, with some splendid visuals that are detailed and atmospheric and which really suck you into the game's world. The interface is also very intuitive despite the complexity and depth on offer here, so whether you're a newcomer or a vet then this is easy to get into. The two aspects of the game are well implemented and are equally as gripping. The strategy section is compelling while the combat is rich, exciting, and challenging so really, if you have any interest in such games, you need this.

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