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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (pc game)
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Nice galaxy. We'll take it!

This is a stunning mix of RTS and 4X strategy game that is a must play for any fan of things like Master of Orion or Galactic Civilizations. It's got all the depth, complexity and stunning visuals that any space game needs and in this package, it also offers some nice extras in the form of two DLC add-ons and the soundtrack. The background here is similar to other such games, offering a vast, galaxy-wide narrative that sees numerous factions struggling for supremacy against one other. The game offers the usual mix of elements, with players having to deal with things as disparate as diplomacy, combat, trading and resource gathering, but it's to the game's strength that all these things are handled well for the most part and integrate into each other smoothly. There's also a real sense of scale here, and it really feels like you part of something much bigger, and as you expand your empire, it gets extremely challenging and rewarding, with an immense sense of satisfaction. For the most part, this is a cracking entry into the genre. On top of the scale, there's a great feeling of depth and complexity, with plenty of options to tinker around with, and any number of paths to follow. The visuals are impressive enough, with some lovely effects and space scenes to catch the eye, while the level of challenge is generally decent, with a good learning curve and solid enemy AI. The diplomacy system might be a little simplistic for some, but this is a minor niggle, as are any other issues, so overall, for any 4X fan, this is a great choice.