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Ski-Doo X-Team Racing (pc game)
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  • I think I'm gonna fall
  • This is getting extreme
  • Prepare for a hard landing

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Snowmobile extreme racer, done arcade style, and very engaging

Ski-Doo X-Team Racing is a snowmobile racer that looks great, plays fantastic, is an arcade racer that you will just love, and, also, it features snowmobiles that are designed starting with real life models. You get a model called MX Z 440, a racing, or high speed, high traction snowmobile and then as you progress, you will unlock others as well. The game takes place mostly on circuits, but there are also other stages that are not about being the fastest racer out there, they are more about racing accuracy and negotiating your goings about as carefully as possible. Graphically, for a 3D game it looks as modern as you would like it. The engine uses no useless particle effects (not excessively) and no other bloom or HDR effects to just get on your nerves. So, it's a clean, well produced game, very attentively produced, and also quite diverse. Definitely worth a try, along with, say SnowCross which offers you more of the same experience.And, at times, a good snow ridden game, where speed and accuracy is important is all a man really needs!

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