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Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition (pc game)
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Skulls for the skull god!

If you like your turn-based strategy games with a delightfully twisted and bonkers sense of humor but which doesn't stint on the strategy, then Skulls of the Shogun is certainly worthy of investigation. It's not quite perfect and does show its mobile origins quite clearly but it still packs in some variety, some tactical depth and of course, lots of fun. You take on the role of an undead general who must fight his way through the afterlife with his myriad troops, battling demons and other assorted beasties along the way. There's a decent 10-15 hour campaign to play through, with over 20 missions to try your hand at, along with a wide range of varied and original troop types, which really help to up the tactical level. In most respects this is a very traditional turn-based strategy game, like a simpler version of Laser Squad or Jagged Alliance. In its favor, its got a great visual style and storyline which help to hook players in and then keep them playing through the campaign. The variety of units is quite broad and adds to the fun, while there is also a lot of genuinely amusing moments along the way which increase the entertainment factor. However, it is pretty obvious this came from the world of mobile gaming, with some awkward moments when using the interface which betray these origins. The AI is also a little lacking, making the later levels a bit repetitive and uninteresting due to the lack of challenge. Gameplay too is a overly regimented, leaving little room for innovation on the part of the player and when combined, these negative aspects render the game a less than must play.

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