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Snapshot (pc game)
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Mixing elements of classic side scrolling platformers like Rayman with puzzle elements, Snapshot turns out to be a slick experience that offers a lot to genre fans. It's got a charming story and some nice retro-style visuals and offers a good challenge even if you're an old hand at this sort of thing, so it's just the sort of thing if you're after some old-school goodness. The game tells the tale of a robot who is lost in an abandoned world and who is armed only with his camera. As he ventures through the world, he must use this camera to take pictures of things in order to use them to solve puzzles. When a picture is taken, it removes the object from the world, which can then be pasted back in another position. So for example, you could snap a fireball, rotate it or reposition it then shoot it back at an enemy or to knock down an obstruction. It's a really clever mechanic which adds a lot to the gameplay and which encourages you to experiment with everything you encounter. Snapshot really is quite a lovely little game. Although you might dismiss it for just another cutesy platformer, the snapping mechanic elevates it into something else. The level design incorporates some very clever little puzzles and making correct use of the camera is both satisfying and intuitive. The game keeps a good pace and isn't slowed down by the mechanic, which further boosts the appeal. The visuals are nice too, with pleasant environmental and character work, while the sound is similarly well done. All in all, this makes for a pleasant, undemanding change from your usual platformer.

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