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More than a screensaver!

This is a desktop bundle, actually, though you wouldn't be to blame if you thought it was nothing but a screensaver with a more pompous name! Nope, actually it packs quite a few nifty extras, such as pictures of the movie's vehicles, the actual script of the movie, evidently a Death Star screen saver and a few other tidbits. Naturally, fans of the series will find it very enjoyable, and those that want their PCs to cycle through a lot of visual content from their beloved franchise will find it just as cool. The problem, for us those with ridiculously large screens is that this was not a package meant for the HD world, so, well, the mighty screens might not look as menacing as you'd want them too. But, say, if you have a special retro PC, with, maybe a 14 inch screen and a cathode ray tube, then you'll sure be in business with this one. It's really where this screensaver bundle feels most at home, though, evidently, it's everyone's choice. Oh, and don't forget to pair it with a cool Star Wars game, just to make an even nicer impression: Star Wars: Tie Fighter should do it!
Star Wars Screen Entertainment (pc game)
4.6 out of 5 (5 votes)

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