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Starpoint Gemini 2: Titans (pc game)
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The original Starpoint Gemini 2 is a fine slice of science fiction trading and combat, which plays out like a mix of Elite, Freelancer and Rebel Galaxy. It's got some lovely visuals, a large galaxy to explore, a decent storyline and plenty of trading depth to keep you playing for some time, but if you are looking for a way to extend its lifespan, then Titans is well worth looking into. It's an expansion pack for the base game, so you do need that in order to play it, but if you've got it, there's no real reason bot to get this, as it is pretty cheap. The main focus of the expansion is getting players to continue their adventures after they've completed the main campaign, and it offers a new storyline which describes an arms race currently unfolding in Gemini. There are three major factions involved in the race, each developing their own weapons or trying to steal them, and you have to join one of them and see the competition through to completion. Titans is obviously very similar to the base game and offers many of the same mechanics and elements which made it so appealing. You've got the same lush, slick science fiction visuals, with a genuinely beautiful universe to explore and the same deep economy and combat system to enjoy. The background fluff is interesting and the ability to choose from the three factions give this some replay value, with each choice having some very different consequences. There's perhaps not a great deal of real new content here, but at just five bucks you can't really go wrong.

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