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Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones Deluxe (pc game)
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Stealth this!

If all you're looking for is pure stealth/puzzling awesomeness and aren't fussed about all the nonsense that you get with other stealth 'em ups like Metal Gear Solid, then this has to be one of the best collections around. You've actually got two games here, the original Stealth Bastard and Stealth Inc. 2, plus the soundtracks, with both of them being absolutely superb experiences which mix incredibly clever level design with lovely visuals to create a pair of instant classics. The two titles are fairly similar in scope, in that they are a mix of stealthing and platforming, and find you exploring a series of maps with the aim of getting to the exit. Standing between you and freedom are any number of hazards, including roving guard bots, security cameras, locked doors and so on and it's going to require all your skill and patience if you're going to survive. The main difference between the two games is that the sequel is less linear and allows you to explore more freely, while the addition of more gadgets also increases the appeal. Both titles here really are superb. They manage to take the potentially dull stealth genre and turn it into something which is tense and thrilling in equal measure, as well as being extremely varied. The level design here is so clever that you'll be tested at every turn and while there are moments of frustration due to the high difficulty level, neither game is anything less than totally addictive. You've also got some very cool and atmospheric visuals, so if you are after a new stealth game, you can't go wrong with this pack.