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Stronghold 3 Gold (pc game)
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  • Image related to Stronghold 3 Gold game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Stronghold 3 Gold game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Stronghold 3 Gold game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Stronghold 3 Gold game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Under siege

Gold editions of games are often the best way to get into things if you're coming to the party a little late, but in this case, even this edition of Stronghold 3 isn't really worth picking up. The pack includes the base game plus the Blackstaff Campaign expansion and although the base game is patched which improves it a lot over the original release, it's still simply not that great. What you have here is a real-time strategy game set in medieval times which offers a blend of building, fighting and trading, with the player in charge of building up their castle and then managing the various elements in order to keep it in good order. You've got two campaigns to play through, one trade-based and the other more combat-oriented, as well as a free mode and one based on historical sieges. The key to success however you play is to keep a balance between building up your castle's defenses and keeping your people happy so that the money keeps flowing in but while this could have resulted in a fun little strategy game, here the entertainment is in short supply. There are moments when the potential of the game shines through, but they are few and far between. Although this patched version is greatly improved over the original release, you've still got an inadequate tutorial that doesn't go far enough, a very tedious pace which makes everything crawl along and some brutally tough missions which are likely to put off even veterans of earlier Stronghold games. Ultimately, this is a big disappointment.

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