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Stronghold Crusader 2: The Emperor & The Hermit (pc game)
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The base game of Stronghold Crusader 2 is a decent, if unoriginal, slice of real-time strategy/city builder, which is certainly very challenging, but also not always fun. The Emperor and the Hermit is an add-on which requires the original to play, and if you do enjoy its medieval take on the genre, this is actually worth picking up. The essential gameplay elements remain the same, but there's a bunch of new missions, some new AI opponents, achievements and a couple of other bits and bobs here to keep you entertained. The main focus is on the campaign and which are based around the two characters, the Emperor and the Hermit, who each bring some unique challenges and units to the game, and which will require some serious strategy to overcome. There are also some new castle designs, which allow you to customize your creations with a bit more flair and which also bring some new tactical depth to proceedings. The difficulty level is perhaps even higher than the base game so you're going to need your best general's hat on if you're going to succeed, so be warned. This is a decent little expansion pack that is certainly fairly priced for what it offers. If you didn't enjoy the original game, then that's not likely to change, but if you liked the challenge and the setting, then there's much to have fun with here. The new missions are certainly difficult, with the two new characters requiring some careful consideration to defeat, so you should be playing for a while, even if there are only seven missions. Not a must buy, but one that is worth considering.