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Stronghold Crusader 2: Special Edition (pc game)
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Take back the city tonight

Stronghold Crusader was a fine bit of RTS and city builder, that played out like a fantasy version of Command & Conquer mixed with SimCity. This sequel is a solid enough sequel but proves to be a tough sell thanks to the sheer difficulty on display here. It's still got a good mix of strategy and economic sim but if you're just looking for a relaxing time, then look elsewhere. Like it's predecessor, it's set in the time of the Crusades and gives you the chance to play as either a crusading knight or an Arabic freedom fighter as you either seek to lay waste to the Holy Land or defend it from the infidels. The game itself is a mix of real time strategy and city building, as you engage in large scale combat against a variety of foes, destroying their castles and such like, while also building up your own and protecting it with cunning traps. You'll also have to manage your resources carefully, trading, farming and mining to keep your people happy and with enough food and weapons to fight. This special edition a copy of the original game, plus the soundtrack and a digital art book, but unless you're ready for a seriously tough time, these extras might not be worth it. In its favor, the game is enjoyable enough, with a good mix of units, interesting combat and a decent economy. The visuals are nice too, bringing the period to life with charm and personality, while the interface and controls and pretty intuitive. However, the game is very very difficult, and newcomers to the genre might find themselves put off by the challenge here, so this is probably one for the veterans only.

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