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Build your castles high

Although perhaps not quite as in-depth as RTS games like Command & Conquer or Warcraft, Stronghold remains a fun and accessible entry in the genre which provides plenty of entertainment. It's got a nice mix of castle building, like a stripped down SimCity, and RTS, with both elements working well together. The basic goal is to create a medieval-style castle, building up your defenses and resources, while also protecting it from oncoming hordes of invaders. Things start out small, with fairly simple defensive mission but the action soon escalates into full scale assaults as you start to expand and attract greater attention. There are several different modes to play through, including a single-player campaign with 21 story-based missions, while you can also play through the economic mode which omits combat, or test your castle building skills in siege mode, along with a couple of other options. There are plenty of units to help you out, while you have to worry about keeping your lords, ladies and chickens happy and which adds to the challenge. For a fairly straightforward take on the RTS genre, Stronghold proves to be quite an enjoyable option. There's nothing staggeringly original here but it's mostly well enough executed that you can ignore any shortcomings in this respect. The visuals are straightforward but nicely detailed, while the interface is simple and intuitive. There are minor irritations with some balance issues, but the gentle learning curve and overall sense of accessibility make this is a pleasant enough choice for when you just want to have a good time.
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Stronghold HD (pc game)
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