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Sudden Strike Gold + Total War 1 & 2 (pc game)
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War reigns supreme

The Sudden Strike series is a fine example of the strategy genre and if you have any interest in such things, this is a cracking little compilation that is well worth picking up. The first portion of this pack combines both the original game with the Forever expansion pack, so with the base game you have a detailed and highly tactical World War II simulation that rewards careful planning and thoughtful play. With the expansion pack, you get four brand new campaigns plus some extra scenarios as well as seasonal play and a bunch of new units to mess around with. The Total War expansion packs are unofficial add-ons but which are of sufficiently high quality to warrant closer inspection. Similar to the official packs, you've got new campaigns, new units, multiplayer options and a few other bits and bobs which do a fine job of bringing new elements to the essential gameplay. However you look at it, this is an excellent compilation pack that is more than worth adding to the collection of any serious strategy fan. The base game remains a first class effort that is gripping and highly challenging, thanks to some well-crafted missions and intelligent AI that will keep any armchair general on the edge of their seat and thinking hard. The expansion packs are all generally well done stuff too, with a nice mix of new elements, more well-designed maps and some excellent new units that much to the strategic depth on offer. The visuals are solid too so if you're into this sort of thing, grab this now.

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