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Sword of the Stars: The Pit Gold Edition - The Pilgrim (pc game)
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Modern rogue-like fun

Most of the Sword of the Stars games are galaxy-spanning science fiction strategy games in the vein of Master of Orion but this one is a curiosity as it is very different in style. It turns out to be a sort of rogue-like, similar to Hack or Rogue, but which is set in the same universe as its sister titles. It's certainly fun but it's less than a classic, so unless you're a diehard genre fan, you can skip this, even with the extras included in this edition. The basic game takes place on a distant world ravaged by a plague and which requires the player to venture into The Pit in search of a cure. Most of what follows is familiar if you've played old-school RPGs, with some character creation, exploration of maze-like dungeons, slaying of monsters and the picking up of equipment. Combat plays out in turn-based fashion, while there is an extensive array of weapons and armor to collect to help make your job easier. Included in this edition of the game is a new playable character, some new monsters, and a bunch of new items, armor, recipes and weapons, although the content isn't exactly extensive. The base game here is a solid but not exactly spectacular modern take on the rogue-like genre. It's certainly well enough done but doesn't really do much to bring the style into the modern day and in many ways you'd be better off with one of the classics. The new content here does add some interest, but only really to the hardcore fans, and overall this is a worthy little game but one which is unlikely to linger in the memory for long.

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