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Sword of the Stars: The Pit - MindGames (pc game)
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Get back in the Pit

Don't bother picking this up if you don't already have the original Sword of the Stars as this is an expansion pack for it, but if you do, then grab this right away as it's a cracking little add-on to a great game. And if you haven't been introduced to the series before and are interested in a rogue-like RPG, then do yourself a favor and grab them both. This one is obviously very similar to the base game and continues the story of the search for a cure to a deadly plague which is sweeping the galaxy but which adds in a good selection of extras to keep veterans hooked. For newcomers, this is basically an old-school dungeon crawler where you explore a series of sci-fi themed topdown environments, battling bad guys, looking for loot and doing all sorts of RPG-style things. The new elements include two brand new characters, including the series' first alien playable character, two new modes which are for the seriously hardcore player and ten new levels of tricky dungeoneering, along with some handy extra mechanics. If you enjoyed The Pit and are looking for more, then this is a no-brainer. It's only five bucks so for what you get, that's pretty good value and as the new levels and modes are so darned difficult, you're likely to be playing for some time. The new characters also add some interesting gameplay twists to things, with their differing play styles, abilities and gear so trying out them both should keep you going. Overall, this is how an add-on should be done, low priced but with fair content so check it out.

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